ETE 317

Course Code: ETE 317
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Microwaves and Radar Engineering
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Detailed Syllabus:

Wave propagation, Maxwell’s equations, Propagation of plane electromagnetic waves and energy. Reflection, Diffraction, Polarization, Poynting vector. Transmission lines. Metallic and dielectrically guided waves including microwave waveguides. Antenna fundamentals. Microwaves generators– Microwave Tubes: Klystron amplifiers, Reflex klystron oscillators, Magnetrons, Backward – Wave Oscillators – Microwave solid-state devices, Varactor diodes, Gunn diodes, IMPATT diodes, P-I-n diodes, etc., and their applications. Microwave Components: Waveguides, Directional coupler, Isolators, Waveguide couplers, Circulators, slotted waveguide. Radar Engineering: Basic principals, Basic pulsed Radar system, Band with requirements, Factors governing pulsed characteristics, Duplexer, Moving target indicator, Tracking Radar systems and search systems. Radar Antennas: Parabolic, lenses, cosecant squared antenna The course includes lab works based on theory taught.