ETE 447

Course Code: ETE 447
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VLSI Design
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Introduction to MOS technology, PMOS, NMOS, and CMOS transistor structures. Physics of MOS transistors, Fluid model, Electrical characteristics, Operation of MOS transistor as a switch and an amplifier, MOS inverters, MOS Fabrication steps, stick diagrams, design rules and layout, MOS circuits, delay analysis, susperbuffers, Dynamic MOS circuits Registers, counters and Memory realizations, Hierarchical view of VLSI System Design, Behavioral description, High Level Synthesis Scheduling, allocation and data path synthesis, Logic synthesis multilevel minimization, PLA reduction, regular structure circuits, Synthesis of FSM-ASM chart representation and realization, Layout synthesis, Placement and routing, Testing of VLSI, Testing of stuck-at faults, Testing of PL As, RAM, Boundary scan technique.